Wesley Learns About Insurance


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Wesley is getting a ride to soccer practice in his uncle Rob’s new car, which Wesley had helped him buy with some great advice about credit. Suddenly, Uncle Rob accidentally backs into a tree! No one is hurt, but Uncle Rob can’t afford to fix his car because he doesn’t have car insurance.

Puzzled about insurance and what it is, Wesley begins asking questions. Fortunately for him, NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis is teaching kids about finance at the local children’s club. With Mr. Davis’s help, Wesley learns what a premium is, how a policy works, what deductibles are, and how many things can be insured. After seeing Uncle Rob’s experiences, Wesley decides that having insurance for his lawn mower would be a good idea in case something bad happens to it.

After all, that’s how he earns his money! But will his insurance payout when he breaks his lawn mower in an accident?


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